>We’ve landed in Dubai

We made it to Dubai, and after a two hour cab adventure we arrived safely at our cousins in Abu Dhabi. It is always interesting to be in a new culture. My only reference to Middle East culture has been the news and movies and it is really surreal to be in the middle of the real thing. I am trying to get Kate to switch her wardrobe to all abaya’s but she isn’t going for it.

When we were in the security line in London the guy in front of us asked us where we were going. When we responded the we were going to Ethiopia he told us that he was Ethiopian. He was really excited about our adoption and told us how he was a youth pastor in Houston. It was really cool and after he left Kate and I both commented on how he looked like an older version of Tek. (and no, we don’t think all Ethiopians look alike)

Tommorow: Visit the Emirates Palace

3 thoughts on “>We’ve landed in Dubai

  1. >Judging from the picture, I’m assuming that you two have relaxed a little since we dropped you off! We miss you and are glad everything is going well. Riley was excited to hear that you had updated the blog…and he and Jose are bros now. Be safe, and hurry home with our new nephew!P.S. – I like Kate’s other khakis better.Cody and Nicki

  2. >Hi Katie & Andy,Lynn and I enjoy following your adventure. We can not imagine how tired you must be, and how you find the time and energy to publish the blog. Have a great time!

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