>Getting Anxious

We are having a great time in Abu Dhabi, but Kate is ready to meet Tek! We went to the Emirates Palace today which is as extravagant as it sounds. They had an exhibit of Picaso works which was really interesting. There were headphones you could wear that gave extra insight into the works. It helped me understand the art much better. We also visited a giant mall that had a ski slope inside of it. It was sort of funny seeing all of these pictures of winter scenes when your in the desert.

We ate at an amazing restaurant for dinner. Kate and I budgeted for two expensive meals on the trip so I didn’t even look at prices when ordering. I don’t get to do that often so it was a good night. Dinner is a 4 hour event here…I could get used to that.

6 thoughts on “>Getting Anxious

  1. >Thanks so much for the daily update, we really look forward to them. Do you get to see the great hotel shaped like a sail?What about the islands shaped like the world?Does Tek play an instrument? I have a spare clarinet.I need to know these things!!!!!

  2. >We are getting anxious as well, we can’t wait for you to return with Wyatt’s new best friend! Kate, everyone misses you at work, I’m trying my best!!! I’m so happy you are getting a few days to relax and enjoy before parenthood begins!Love ya guys,D

  3. >Hi Katie & Andy,Lynn and I enjoy following your adventure. We can not imagine how tired you must be, and how you find the time and energy to publish the blog. Have a great time!

  4. >Been thinking about you all, hope everything is going well. I pray for your flight back. Talk to ya soon.Andy I think Ben would enjoy a 4 hour eating event too!

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