>Last day in UAE


We are finishing up our time here in Abu Dhabi and packing to head up to Dubai. We will spend this evening in Dubai and stay overnight in a hotel and fly to Ethiopia at 8:00 Thursday morning.

Our final sight seeing here was Heritage Village, where they show what life was like before they figured out they had oil, and a quick dip in the Persian Gulf. On the way back from the beach we had an incident with the cab driver. I noticed as we were driving that his meter was shut off and he was being super friendly like he was our best friend. When we got to our destination he tried to charge us 50 dirhams. If the meter was running it would have been about 15. There was no way I was going to pay it and I started arguing, but Kate just wanted out of the cab and grabbed the money from my hands and handed it to him. So if you are ever in a cab, make sure the meter is on. All in all, pretty good fun.

10 thoughts on “>Last day in UAE

  1. >HEY!!!Now CALM DOWN & try not to create some kind of international incident or something…Don’t make me have to come over there Mr!Sure hate to see Katie & Tek get off the plane alone because Dad is in jail out in the desert somewhere.

  2. >Okay now…I can only swallow so hard for so long….it’s time to rub a few sticks together and/or point a witching stick at a satellite and send us some news of your existence! And the smile on my only daughter’s face! Also… Andy, the “other” Grandpa is right, your US passport is to valuable to take any chances these days. Tread light, and turn the other gluteus maximus…yada…yad….yada…..

  3. >Ok! I need some news here!!! It’s been five days.Maybe we should have borrowed a satellite phone or something… does Morse code still work? How about the African drum thing, How long would it take for that to get back to Ohio?If we don’t hear something soon, I think both Grandpa’s should get in a row boat & go over there & find out what’s gong on!!!!! I think I’m suffering from information withdrawal syndrome !!!

  4. >OK “pastorgrandpa” (check my profile out *grin*)…YOU’RE rowing, however I’ll be enthuisiastic on keeping tabs on wind conditions, navigation, holding the binoculars, and otherwise encouraging your continued rowing between long naps. – Unless you don’t get us there before “Tek” arives back here! Seriously, I’ll take a guess that the orphanage is more interested in the “bonding” process, and is limiting new parents from being distracted by outside influence for a schedule time. However, IF ANYONE should hear of anything please notify me. And certainly provide a post on here because it will notify me via my phone. ~ Thanks “AnxiousAndGrowingConcernedGrandPa”

  5. >Glad to hear you guys are doing well. You sure know how to drive mom and dad nuts. You know how worried they can get. 🙂 Thats a funny story about getting ripped off by the taxi driver. You fell for the oldest trick in the book. Now you will probably fall for the “camel ride costs the agreed price but the guide is extra” gag. ha ha. (i fell for that one myself) Well cant wait to get some more pics and stories. hope all is going well.

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