>A new mom bursting with pride!!

So, I have to interrupt the recaping of our time in Ethiopia with a bit of new mom bragging…
My son is the most amazing creature in the world! He has now officially adapted to US time. He slept through the night yesterday (with the exception of waking up for formula and falling back to sleep.) I slept 10 GLORIOUS hours last night. Maybe I will finally catch up on sleep.

His legs are getting so strong! We have put him in his jumper seat every day (thank you Duane & Tracy for that great gift) and it has really helped him to learn to support himself. Before he would not put any weight on his legs and would barely straighten them, but now he is standing up with our help with straight legs and a huge smile on his face. Oh, and he has figured out how to press the buttons on his jumper so that will sing to him. SO SMART! Its amazing. He was a bit behind because he didn’t have opportunities like this at the orphanage… but he is catching up in leaps and bounds.

Yesterday was a wonderfully fuss-free day. He doesn’t normally fuss anyway, but Monday was a rough day. I think he was just having trouble adjusting to the time. Ethiopia is a seven hour time difference and he did not understand why he could not go to bed at 1:00 p.m. for the night. Or why mom kept waking him up from his naps.

He made me laugh so hard yesterday twice. The first time is when Riley barked at something. He practically jumped out of his clothes! The second time was when I gave him applesauce for the first time. He did NOT like it. He just spit it out (like a fountain) and gave me a look of “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!” Auntie Liza was here to witness that face… priceless… MAN I wished my camera worked!

I am done interrupting the posts. I should be back later with Day 3 of our journey.
P.S. Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of a moving baby with Photo Booth on a Mac?? I am buying a camera TODAY!

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