>The Day We Met


Friday morning was extremely tense at the guest house as everyone was only an hour or so from meeting their child. Luckily they changed the schedule and moved the orientation to after the meeting as opposed to before it. I think they knew no one would care about anything until we met the kids. We were all assembled in the conference room when they came in and called out for the families of three kids. Everyone thought they were going first, but they followed up by saying “you are not going to met your children this morning.” Our heart sank for them yet at the same time we were bursting at the seams to meet Tek. (they would meet their kids that afternoon) I think Kate might have literally exploded if they would have delayed our meeting. They finally called our name and led us toward Tek’s room. After all the work and time waiting, it was very difficult to process that we were getting to meet him. When we walked in the room they held him up and he was even more beautiful than we could have imagined. I was smiling from ear to ear and Kate couldn’t hold back the tears. At first we didn’t know what to do, we just stood there and looked at him before, after what seemed like forever, Kate asked to hold him. If I ever had her heart, it was mine no longer. This little guy from half way around the world immediately had full possession of it. We got to spend about two hours with him before they made us give him back, and I think it was the greatest two hours of our life together. The rest of the day was little more than a countdown to the next morning when we would get to see him again. I have no idea what it is like to experience welcoming a child at a hospital after birth, but I can’t imagine that it could have been any greater of a moment.

2 thoughts on “>The Day We Met

  1. >Hi Andy and Kate. This is Tara, Brad Binion’s sister. I just wanted to let you know that we have been following your adoption journey and we are so happy for you that you finally have your son in your arms! Enjoy every moment of this sacred time and welcome to your new journey…Parenthood! God Bless!

  2. >hi katie and andy. it was great being able to follow ur journey to adoption. u both seem so happy. im glad that u finally have a kid that u can love forever. i hope that u enjoy parenthood. he is so handsome. i love the pic when andy and tek r holding the coke bottle. May god bless u

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