>Look who is sitting up!


During our trip to Ohio, Tek learned how to sit up. I am SOOOO PROUD!! 
He is catching up developmentally in leaps and bounds!
(Thanks for the pics Kristen.)
He also met his cousins for the first time! 
Andy’s brother has three boys, an almost 2 yr. old and twins that are six months. 

Cash to the left and Slade to the right.

All the Blair Boys… Jagger to the far right. 
We had a blast in Ohio. Tek loved meeting all of his family. When someone sends me pictures from Cleveland I will share that part of the trip. Hopefully I will have a camera soon, then all of my posts won’t be so delayed… okay I lie. I am going back to work in two weeks and moving to a new apartment… life is going to get VERY CRAZY… very soon!

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