>Vacuuming Forbidden


My dog, Riley, is a 90 lb certified coward. All who have met him know he is afraid of all moving objects. Example: a box you pick up, a blanket you move, a camera you hold, etc. But the object he is MOST afraid of is the vacuum. When you pull the vacuum out of the closet he will run terrified to the other room. If you want to block off any area of the house from Riley, just simply set the vacuum in front of it and he will stay far away. 
His fear has always been a bit of a nuisance. You see, vacuuming is my favorite chore, actually its the only chore I enjoy doing. Also, my house really should be vacuumed every day due to my ever shedding dog. I haven’t really cut back on my amount of vacuuming, but it is irritating when I go from room to room vacuuming and Riley is knocking me over trying to get out of the way.  But I survive, more importantly Riley survives, though I am certain that the vacuum will cause him to die of a heart attack one day. How much fear can one dog handle?
However, today the vacuum has officially become outlawed in my household. Why? Well because the newest boy in my family, Mr. Teketel Blair, is terrified of the vacuum. Yes you read right. He is just as terrified as Riley except he is not able to run away and hide. Instead he SCREAMS at the top of lungs until I turn it off. This is a recent development, I have vacuumed several times since we have been home without any vocal accompaniment from Tek. But today is the day Tek decided he hates the vacuum. Riley was thrilled, if he didn’t love Tek before he loves him now!
You may say, “Well at least you have Andy.” But as I think back at the four years of married life I don’t remember Andy turning on the vacuum, so he may be terrified also. Thats okay, because I am terrified of washing the dishes. : )
Well, I must put Tek down for a nap before another black lab
 forms in the dog hair on my carpet. 

2 thoughts on “>Vacuuming Forbidden

  1. >PastorGrandpa (has lost the password forever)KJ!!! what a wonderful post! You are a talented writer & I had to keep stopping my reading to LOL ( ok, that’s weird… 54 yr old guy uses “lol”) …. anyway, very very funny stuff… I vote: just stop vacuming. Put a fan in the door for a few hrs every day & let the dog hair blow outside.Cheers

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