>One of those weeks…


Tek is sick. First week of daycare and he catches a cold.
He decides to share it with Mom. Thanks Tek… I appreciate it.
Moving… ARGH! So much work… I am so tired and so sick.
Work… very frustrating. Why can’t I just be the boss? 
My laptop is broken. They can’t retrieve anything on the hard drive. So many pictures lost. 
All of my mom’s pictures are gone. I feel horrible. Sorry mom! 
Andy’s laptop is broken. Usable, but annoying. 
Where is my stimulus check? I want my camera!
I just listened to a doctor’s message on my phone and Tek needs more blood tests run. 
Poor guy.
Next week will be better. I know it. 
Even if its not better, I am sure I will be able to breath through my nose. 
Here is Tek at his first doctor’s appointment a week after we arrived home from Ethiopia.
Tek loves his daddy. 
“Dada” will definitely be his first word. 
Better not be this week. It would make this week worse… I want him to be a mama’s boy!

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