>Four Eyes…


Tek went to the eye doctor today. He is near sighted. The doctor said sometimes this will fix itself, however we will re-evaluate next year and then decide whether he needs glasses or not. But as Auntie Nicki pointed out… Tek is so cute he could totally rock the glasses. 🙂 
My dad came in town this weekend to help us move. He was a great help. Thanks Dad!
We went to the beach on Sunday. Here are a few pictures my dad took. 

Uncle Cody & Auntie Nicki with Tek in the ocean.

Having fun with Grandpa Jim.

Grandpa getting the sand off of Tek’s face after his first face plant in the sand. 

“Mom, I need more sunscreen… we can’t mess up this beautiful skin!”

My first swimming lesson given by Uncle Cody.

“Aren’t I adorable?”

Daddy have fun with me in the water. 

Moving was so ridiculous! I hate it! But thank you so much to our Savannah Family for stepping up and helping out. Amanda & Kris, Brad & D… and a special thank you to Cody and Nicki who went above and beyond, giving up their entire weekend to do something so horrible. I don’t know how we would have done it without them. We owe you guys big time!

FYI: If you are trying to call me and are getting annoyed… I welcome you to join us here in Savannah and help me find my phone… its somewhere lost in the mountains of boxes. 

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