>I am exhausted!

>Well I am officially a mom. I am so physically exhausted I can’t think straight. Soon my boss will be calling me into my office to address my lack of productivity! I can’t think straight, thus making work very hard to complete. So, tonight will be a short post in hoping that it will make at least some sense. (Probably not.)

Tek is crawling now. He started a Saturday before last. We videotaped it and want to put it online but if you are reading this you are already aware of how tired I am, so you know I would rather sleep than edit and upload a video. πŸ™‚
Man… once he figured out how to crawl… he was moving! He hasn’t stopped since. In addition to crawling he is saying “da-da.” He hasn’t figured out who that is yet, but I am sure that will come in no time. Hopefully “ma-ma” will be close behind.

He has developed quite the personality. Still as happy as a clam… especially at 2:30 am last night… I tried to explain to him that his smile and sweet noises are not nearly as cute in the middle of the night, but he continued for an hour. 😦 He has started showing when he is not happy more ofter… ask Granna & Poppy, he threw a couple fits when they were here last week. But all in all he is a great baby. He daycare teacher always answers the question “Was he good today?” with a smile and “ALWAYS!”

Tek has developed a bit of shyness of strangers, (or someone he hasn’t seen in a while) it is the cutest face ever. I need to borrow my friend’s camera to capture this sweet face.

Speaking of cameras… I am ordering my new one this week. I think I have settled on a Nikon D60. I would really love the D80, but that isn’t in my price range at this time. I am so excited! πŸ™‚

Well that is all for now. I promise to be back more often, or at least I promise to try. The church starts Sept. 14th and I am a bridesmaid in a wedding Sept. 19th (Andy is officiating.) So I have had a shower, a bacherlorette party, and a trip to Michigan to plan. Not to mention I have to do kid’s church… why does the pastor’s wife always have to do kids church? I have been pretty busy… but more pics of Tek soon.

2 thoughts on “>I am exhausted!

  1. >Hello this is Great Grandma Lil, Leo and Cher and John..Keep laughing, keep smiling like Tek’s cute smiles, let your smile be your umbrella for a rainy day, says philosopher Leo…We all ate steak and pork chop dinners at the Fairport Slovenian Club tonight. Wish you were here, then watched Lawrence Welk, not Lucy, “Im home.” And love, Love love love… C u soon… All of us..

  2. >Being at your house was wonderful…. hope to do it more often…Tek IS quite the hambone!!! he loves the camera!I’m praying for you and Andy for strength, wisdom,courage,and knowledge not only for the chbut for your family.Love all 3 of you,, hugs and kissesMOM Blair

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