>I am back!!

>Some of you may have noticed I have been a little difficult to reach as of late… but now worries, I have a phone again. You see, I misplaced my phone when we moved. I refused to buy a new one because I knew I would find it as soon as I replaced it. My dad decided I am too stubborn and sent me one of his extra phones. I hooked it up yesterday and YAY I have a phone! Its amazing how much we depend on cellphones. Andy is now the difficult one to reach. He needs a knew battery, it will only work when it is plugged in. So he currently has a portable landline. Very annoying. I am supposed to buy him a new one, but I keep forgetting. Maybe I would like him to replace his SECOND wedding ring first. (thats an idea!) 

Tek is doing great. He crawls so fast! He pulls up on everything. He is finally starting to say “ma ma.” I can’t believe how much he has grown. He is ten months today. He will be a year in no time. 

We are meeting with a family that adopted from Ethiopia a couple years ago. We have met them before we got Tek, so they have not met our prince yet. We are going there for dinner on Sunday. On Tuesday we will meet with a family that is in the process of adopting. I can’t wait. As soon as I get my voice back we are going to call a family in town that just got back last month with two children from Ethiopia. We are starting our own Ethiopian village here in Savannah!! 🙂 

Yes, I have lost my voice. Well right now its starting to come back. Now I just have that sexy deeper voice. But, yes Corey & Jared, I had my man voice. Andy delighted in sharing that with everyone and got a great laugh at my expense. Kind of reminds me of my MC days. My loss of voice was a great early birthday present for Andy. 

Andy got a new grill for his birthday. (33 years old!) Cody was so kind to go with me to pick it out. He even put it together despite my arguments that I am more than capable. He said Andy would want him to do it. Cody & Nicki got him a grill cover and Kris & Amanda got him a HUGE steak! He enjoyed it all immensely.

Tek is going to be a ring-bearer in Kris & Amanda’s wedding in two weeks. I have to find a baby tux, but I already have a black pair of chuck taylors for him. (All the guys are wearing Chuck Taylors.) He is going to be SOOO cute!

Penny moved to Savannah last weekend. She is the perfect room-mate. If I had a third room I would keep her forever. She does the dishes! I feel like I have hit the lottery. 

The church soft-starts on Sept. 14th. We have a run through this weekend. Things are starting to get crazy busy around here. 

Thats all for now! Have a great night.

By the way… if I haven’t talked to you in a while, you may want to email me your phone number!

5 thoughts on “>I am back!!

  1. >Hey all:Very exciting news about Tek standing! He’ll be walking in no time. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! Andy:Happy B-Day! I’m not sure how to get a hold of you due to your recent campaign against technology. So I’ll make it easy. When you get your stuff all figured out give me a call.PS. I know I’m the forgetful one that loses everything, BUT! I still have my original wedding ring.-Corey

  2. >Happy Birthday Andrew Thomas Blair!!!!Which is a wonderful memory & celebration… on the other hand… that means the Jeep is now license illegal…again… it's an annual tradition.PS: Still have my ring (35yrs) My parents rings (60yrs) & Terry's parents rings (est:56yrs)So… just sayingPastorGrandpaDad

  3. >Wow…if only Tek knew how brave he was wearing that jersey in SEC country!! The Bucks haven’t been the same since Mark D’Antonio left the “D”! Great narrative and informative.. I enjoy reading the posts when I get a few fleeting moments.. Take good care of Cherie for me.. G John

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