>Our First Sunday!


Tapestry… a church for the creative coast

Getting ready… 

Is anyone surprised by the last two photos? 

Kris putting drums together. “The only thing I can do without getting yelled at” he says! 
Kris gets married on Friday, we are all traveling to Michigan to participate. 
(I am a bridesmaid, Andy is officiating, Tek is the ringbearer.) 


Does anyone believe me?

Penny just moved here to help. She is helping Lisa & William set up the welcome booth.

Worship was AMAZING! I wish we could figure out a way to keep this guy. 

Tapestry began today. Service went very well. Andy spoke brilliantly except that he picked on me in the sermon. Why are pastor’s wives considered fair game? I don’t recall that part in the vows. Everyone did a great job. I am so thankful for our launch team. They are all true servants. We could not ask for a better team. I adore everyone of them. 

2 thoughts on “>Our First Sunday!

  1. >KJThanks SOOOO much for the update!!!Love the Cheesy-Smile, he's amazing.All the Ohio Blairs have been bombarding Andy's phone for a report on your first day…. no response yet.Oh… I officiated your wedding & I specifically remember the Sermon Illustration part of the vows.Remember, our tradition is family members get $1 every time they are used in a message… so COLLECT!PastorGrandpa

  2. >Hey guys! I’m so happy that your first day went so well. I do have to say i have trouble believing that Andy had to be convinced to have special lighting. But with all of you guys around i’m sure it was perfect. Love yaKelly

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