>Tek is growing up!


Doesn’t he have the most AMAZING eyes?
Can you see the bottom teeth coming in? I can’t believe how fast he is growing!

This is the new CHEESY smile he does. Everytime the camera is pointing at him he goes all cheesy on me! It makes us laugh everytime!

Tek and Daddy PRE-GAME! 
(Not that I have to tell you, like Andy would have smiled post-game?!)

Tek just learned how to clap. It made me sad to see him do it, because I KNOW he learned it at daycare! I wanted to teach him. 😦

Okay, this picture cracks me up! You see, Tek was crying two seconds earlier but then I pulled out the camera and Uncle Cody starting making faces at him and watch out… here comes the cheesy face! Such a ham! 
I can’t believe how much he is changing. Every day he is doing something new. Today, he crawled up the stairs. We will have to invest in gates when we get back from Michigan. 
I am SOOOO excited about our trip to Saugatuck, MI. That is where Amanda & Kris’ wedding will be. We are road-tripping it with Cody & Nicki, stopping in Ohio to get our babysitter, my mom. 🙂 I am sooooo ready to be in some cooler weather. And on the way back we are stopping at Cedar Point. I haven’t been there in years. We won’t be stopping in Ohio for more than a day, so I won’t really get to see anyone. (Andy won’t be in Ohio at all, he is flying back on Saturday to make it to church on Sunday.) But we will be back again soon. 
I can’t wait to see Tek in his ringbearer suit!! 🙂 I will post those pictures as soon as we get back. 

2 thoughts on “>Tek is growing up!

  1. >I LOVE the cheesy-face… the more you look at it the cuter it gets!!Also loved seeing Father & Son ready for the OSU game! Great shot, brings back great memories.The problem with being a sports fan from Ohio THIS YEAR is… the Reds are bad. The Indians are bad, the Browns are bad, The Bengals are bad & OSU is… less than impressive so far.PastorGrandpa

  2. >HEY!!!!!I need more Cheesy-Face pictures here!!!Come on! It’s been three whole days!!!Did you get your new camera? Where’s Riley? Do we get more KJ pictures? Oh … wait… I remember now… you’re traveling to Michigan.My bad. Guilty of being addicted to my family.PastorGrandpa

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