>Celebrating Meskel


We celebrated Meskel last weekend. Meskel is an Ethiopian holiday that celebrates the finding of the true cross. Its a very interesting holiday, you should wiki it! 🙂 Here are some pictures from our event.  

Wyatt came in his traditional Ethiopian attire. 
(Wyatt is one now! Happy Birthday Wyatt!)

I prepared popcorn on the stove to have with our Ethiopian coffee after dinner. 

The queen had a dream that the smoke from a bonfire would show her where the true cross was, so on Meskel you celebrate around a large bonfire decorated with daisies. We couldn’t do a large bonfire, but we bought a fire pit and sat in our back patio. Thankfully it was a cooler evening.

We had a traditional Ethiopian meal. The dora wat made everyone sweat… I have berbere that I brought back from Ethiopia and it is incredibly spicy. I love it! I might do a less spicy recipe next year for those that don’t love so much spice. 🙂 We also had tej (honey wine), dabo kolo (thank you Auntie Amanda), mesir wat, injera, and Ethiopian bread. It was VERY tasty!
Dad fed Tek his first real Ethiopian meal. The dora wat was too spicy, but he loved the lentils! 

Here is Tek is his traditional Ethiopian clothing. He was wearing something very similar the first day he was officially ours in Ethiopia. 

Decorating the wood for the bonfire…. do you know how hard it is to find daisies in late September? Much more difficult than I expected.

Ethiopian food is not easy to make and is very time consuming. I spent eight hours cooking on Saturday… but well worth it! 

Auntie Nicki and Auntie Amanda came in their traditional Ethiopian clothing also. I just wish Liza was there with hers! We miss you Liza! 
Attendees: Brad, D, & Wyatt, Cody & Nicki, Kris & Amanda TAYLOR :), and Kevin & Katrine (they are adopting from Ethiopia next year!)
Thank you to all of our Savannah family for celebrating this important day with us. 
I hope our family in Ohio gets to celebrate this special holiday with us in the future. 
Coming soon: Pictures from our trip to Michigan for Kris & Amanda’s wedding! Tek was the cutest ringbearer EVER! 🙂 I first must sort through the 1500 pictures taken. (I am not lying… 1500.) 

4 thoughts on “>Celebrating Meskel

  1. >I love it!!! Maybe we can in the future be there for the holiday.Was ver happy to see you blog…. I miss seeing all of you. I love all of you soooooo much and am soooooo very proud of you.Love you,Mom

  2. >Thanks so much for the nice pics of Cheryl’s retirement party. I so appreciate that forever it will be remembered now in photographs for us. Please send them along to Jay and Renee and other family members to enjoy..John

  3. >Where was my invitation? Sounds like a party!I hope you all are doing well, I’d love to talk sometime. Belachew talks a mile a minute and has gained 3 pounds since we’ve been home. We visited his best friend from the care center last month and it was great to get them together again!

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