>Dear Auntie Amy…


I loved visiting with you at McDonalds.

I showed you I know how to crawl now… even if its on a table! 🙂

You showed me how to do a fake smile. 🙂
(I hear you are a pro.)

You showed me off at the Retirement Party.
You even shared me with others.

I met your boyfriend, Warren. He was fun to play with, I like him.
Mom says I am supposed to say “My name’s not Warren!”

I loved walking around Cedar Point with you. Hopefully one day I will get to ride the rides.
And maybe one day you will figure out what your shirt means. 🙂
(Mom told me to say that one too.)

Auntie Amy, I had so much fun in Ohio with you. I can’t wait until Christmas to see you again. Maybe I will be walking by then… then you will have to try to keep up with me!

I just got the new shirt you sent me in the mail the other day.
Don’t I look cool! Dad says I can’t go there when I am older (OSU only!), but Mom says I can go wherever I want. So we will see. 🙂

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