>THE WEDDING!!! As Promised…


Andy officiated the ceremony. It was an amazing ceremony.
This is from the rehearsal. Don’t you love Kris’ Charlie Sheen shirt?? 🙂

The wedding… I loved being a bridesmaid! And Tek was an awesome ringbearer.

Grandma Cheryl came to Michigan with us and took good care of Tek. It was so nice!
This is a picture of them at the rehearsal.

Tek and Amanda at the Reception

This is a picture of after the ceremony. His new girlfriend, Kris’ sister the Jr. Bridesmaid, carried him through the entire ceremony. He fell asleep half way through, he must have been SOOO heavy! But she handled him like a champ!

The Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom!

Tek at the rehearsal… he should be a baby gap model! 🙂
Seriously, how did we get this cute of a kid! (Don’t you love the cut on the lip, it makes him seem so tough!)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Amanda was gorgeous. The entire event was so much fun. I loved being a part of it all. Kris & Amanda mean so much to us. They are part of our Savannah Family. We are truly honored that they let us play such a large role in their big day.

We love you, Kris & Amanda Taylor! (Still so strange!)

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