>What we have been up to…

>Well, its been busy… as always. I have once again been neglecting this blog. But I’ve been neglecting the house work, my books, and food shopping, does that make you feel any better? Anyway, let me catch you up on the life of the Savannah Blairs.

D went on her first boat ride in Savannah with our friends from work.
The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The sunset was amazing and there was a full moon.

I had a girl’s weekend last weekend. Amanda and I went to visit our friend Liza who recently moved to Williamsburg. We had such a blast. We spent Saturday and Sunday in Charlottesville at UVA for my very first college football game. It was…well… quite the experience. πŸ˜‰
Man, I miss Liza! 😦

A few weeks ago was “Picnic in the Park” in Forsyth Park. We all packed some baskets and spread out to listen to the Orchestra. It was a beautiful night.
I especially enjoyed all of Kris’ stories.

Cody is probably going to kill me for this picture… but it makes me laugh every time. Tek was throwing a fit and Uncle Cody was impersonating him. Classic!
Isn’t Tek such a Gap model in his little vest?

Tek already loves books. He is captivated by them. He never stops moving now, but if Momma pulls out a book he will sit still for at least 5 minutes!

Tonight we had a Halloween party at a friend’s house. Tek was a turtle.
Isn’t he the cutest turtle ever?
Thank you Auntie Nicki for helping pick out my costume! (And pants– Mom is too indecisive.)

On Saturday the Binions were over working on church stuff with Andy. The boys were of course decked out in their OSU gear. The weather has been gorgeous and the sand gnats aren’t out yet. So we opened the front door and put the baby gate up. The boys were enthralled!! The were determined to find a way out.
But I made sure they were afraid of getting over that gate! πŸ™‚

The Blair house needs to slow down a bit. Every night something different. But Andy had to know when he said “I do” that this would be his life! πŸ™‚

Grandma Cheryl gets here on Tuesday with my Grandma Vidmar. Tek will get to spend some quality time with his Great Grandma! This is her first time to see me in Savannah and I am so excited. They will be here for Halloween and for Tek’s birthday party.

Tek’s party will be on Saturday. He will turn one on November 4th… can you believe it? He is standing up and cruising along the furniture. Any day now he will take his first step. Maybe if Grandma Cheryl is very lucky she will get to see it. πŸ™‚

Tek is the most amazing kid. Today I took him for a long walk and he fell asleep. So I plopped down in one of the beautiful Savannah squares with my book. After he woke up he just crawled around the blanket, standing holding on to Mommy, touching the grass (but wouldn’t crawl on it), and laughing at everything. He is always so proud of himself when he is standing and lets go of me. He just stands there like he is on top of the world. I love being a mom. I am finally starting to see the attachment develop. He lights up when I enter the room and he is starting to prefer me over others. Today at church Uncle Cody was holding him and he leaned towards Mommy to be held. I should fail to mention that he leaned back to Uncle Cody… except that it was another victory for Mommy because within 5 seconds he wanted Momma again. It warmed my heart! Ahh the victories of an adoptive mom.

The church is going well. We will begin our marketing campaign soon. Work is going very well. For those of you following the news… Wachovia and Wells Fargo will merge. So soon I will be a Wells Fargo employee. Its an exciting change for all of us.

It may be a bit until my next post since family will be in town. I will be back with pictures from Tek’s first birthday.

Don’t forget to vote! Except Auntie Amy… you can forget. πŸ™‚ Just Kidding!

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