>Its been a while…


It only took two years and another couple to finally lure them here… but the long awaited visit from the Hagers finally happened! Here it is captured in photos…

Thanks for visiting! We had fun. Worship was great on Sunday, if Ross ever fires you… you have a job waiting for you in Savannah.

1 thought on “>Its been a while…

  1. >Some of my favorite people. I love the Hagers, I love the Binions & the Blairs are ok most of the time.I especially loved the pix of Brad, Andy & Jarred. Three Bass players…. who all 3 played bass in the same band…. just not at the same time.HEY!!! Maybe you guys could go on the road now that the three tenors (Pavarati & the other 2) aren't in the business any more, you know play the big Roman ruins in Europe? Since all three of you are Church Planters, which by definition denotes a degree of poverty, you could use the extra coin from the Rome gig.An idea.PstrGrndPa

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