>Spoiled Rotten!


My one year old son is spoiled rotten… just take a look at this…

Grandpa & Granna Blair sent this thoughtful gift. Each item has special meaning. Tek mostly liked the big musical card that came with it, but we know he will appreciate the gift when he is a bit older, just like the check they sent that momma put into his college fund. 🙂

This truck is from Nan & Mayes. I work with Nan and Mayes is her two year old son. Nan has been a great voice through our adoption because she adopted Mayes last year. She understands what so many don’t!

This is from Jerry & Kim Williams…. Tek LOVES it! I love Andy’s face when he opened the gift… it was a classic “Crap they are such better friends than I am!” (We have missed Levi’s bday!)

Grandpa Jim, the contractor, got the tool set for Tek. And a pair of Carharts. Classic! Tek crawled around with the screwdriver all last night.

Uncle Jason & Renee got Tek this baseball game. We still have to show him how to hit the ball with the bat.

Another instrument! Can you tell that we are trying to create a musician here? This one is from Cody & Nicki. I guess they knew momma can’t resist a man with a guitar. Now all the men in my life play! 🙂

Grandma Cheryl got this toy for Tek. He loves to push it around and practice walking. I know Grandma was really hoping she would get to see him walk when she was in town, but she may have to wait until after the new year. Don’t worry, we will iChat when he starts walking.

Other unpictured gifts… Great Grandma Lil started off his college fund. Great Aunt Mo & Uncle Steve added to it. Grandma Linda & Craig sent a gift card I used to buy his birthday outfit. (See pictures from his birthday party.) Auntie Amy sent the music table as pictured before. So many of our friends here gave so many nice things at his party. (Toy from Amanda, clothes from Penny, book from the Lowes, etc.)

And now, our child is officially spoiled. The corner of my living room is consumed with toys. We are probably going to hide a few and bring them back out after Christmas. He will be surprised all over again!

Thank you so much for all the thoughtful gifts. We are overwhelmed by the amazing support we consistently received through the journey of adoption and now in our journey of parenthood. Thank you to all of our friends and family. We are truly blessed.

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