>So Intense…

>Why do I watch 24? An even better question is why do I like it so much? We stopped watching it for a while because it is such a commitment. But this season sparked our interest because is set in Africa and it is about Jack Bauer fighting a coup that uses children soldiers. You would think that would stop me from watching it because the topic is already something that causes so much emotion in me… add suspense to that emotion and it results in a woman unable to sit still while yelling at the tv and digging her nails into her leg. I am trying my best to hold it together. (I don’t think you can consider this entertainment.) But I have to fight through, because I really want to support this show. It is bringing attention to a very real, very horrific event occurring everyday in Africa and other parts of the world.

The recruitment of children soldiers occurs every day in various countries in Africa. It is believed at this time there is nearly 100,000 children soldiers in Africa right now. Some of those children are as young as nine years old. Some are forced into service, but most are 14-19 year old boys that volunteer. There are many reasons why they volunteer, but a contributing reason is that their country is torn apart by war so there really is no other choice. There isn’t a way for their families to make a living. Most of the girls that join do so to escape domestic servitude or sexual abuse. Another reason many of the youth have reported to join is to avenge the death of a loved one.

The organization Invisible Children has done a wonderful job at raising awareness about this issue. They have traveled to Uganda many times to document the war and use of children soldiers there. The travel all over the U.S. showing the documentary in churches and to various organizations. They will eventually release the final cut of their film in theatres. Invisible Children is currently in the process of beginning their school tour to educate students throughout the U.S. of this atrocity and also to raise money to build schools in Uganda that have been devastated by this war. Check out their website at http://www.invisiblechildren.com. Possibly even consider a donation to this organization in lieu of a Christmas gift for someone this holiday season. Or get your local school involved in their campaign.

Thanks for listening… now back to the suspense.

Side note… little man gets tubes in his ears tomorrow morning! I will update y’all on that tomorrow. (Look at me being all southern.)

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