>My birthday wish…

>My birthday is next week.

As if anyone that knows me needs a reminder. I would have announced it sooner but I had so many friends with birthdays that I had to acknowledge… so now its my turn. 🙂

Actually, the reason I am mentioning my birthday is inform those that normally get me gifts that I would like something a little different for a gift this year. Instead of a gift I would like a donation made in to any of the following organizations:

Reads www.ethiopiareads.org

Ahope www.ahopeforchildren.org
Oxfam www.oxfamamericaunwrapped.com
World Vision www.worldvision.org

All of the organizations I have listed I have personally given too. I only give to organizations that I first check out on charity navigator. Ahope & Ethiopia Reads are not on charity navigator but I have personally visited both and found them to be very worthy organizations. You can rest assured that all four are excellent organizations that will use your dollars to the best of their ability.

However if you REALLY want to get me something… I would love any of the shoes from this site.
Toms Shoes www.tomsshoes.com
For every pair of toms shoes you buy they give a pair to a child in need. And their next “shoe drop” will be 30,000 pairs to ETHIOPIA! So I will be purchasing a lot of their shoes for gifts this year. I currently own one pair and they are SOOO comfortable. Here is the pair I have now. I wear a size 8. 🙂 I hope you will check out this site and consider buying a pair (or a gift certificate) for your loved ones this Christmas.
Also, I realize this being Tek’s first Christmas that you are going to want to spoil him… (grandparents!)… but he is only 1. So do not spend much or rather make a donation in his name to one of the many organizations that work in Ethiopia.

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