>Our Day at the Park

>Today Danette (a coworker & friend) came over with her two kids, Lauren & Owen, and we all went to Forsyth Park. We had a great time and no one fell off the monkey bars. Here are a few pictures from the trip to the park.

After the park we came back to the house and watched the end of the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game. Yes, I watched football, an entire quarter actually! Andy wasn’t home to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. 🙂 I actually enjoyed it, it was a close game, so a little too suspenseful, but a good game nonetheless. Danette was cheering for Georgia and I found myself cheering for Georgia Tech. I probably was cheering for them because they were the underdog but whatever the reason I was glad I did since they won! You see, one of the main reasons I hate watching football is because you dedicate all this time and energy into this game and then in the end your team may lose and then you are just depressed. I hate that feeling. So, the result today made the experience more enjoyable. Not that I am going out now to get a Georgia Tech jersey… well you never know, I might. 🙂 I mean they are responsible for redeeming football for me, well at least for a day or so. I think because of this game I may actually watch the OSU bowl game. Go Bumblebees! (Okay, yellow jackets, but they really do look like bees.)

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