>Birthday Week Continued…

>This week I received so many gifts! My birthday is going on forever! So I thought I might feature a few…

A photo key chain from Duane, Tracy, & the kids.
I haven’t loaded any pics yet (I have to wait to fix my computer to get all MY photos… Andy doesn’t have any cool photos on his computer.)

This one was SUCH a surprise! Uncle Jeff & Aunt Lynn sent this digital camera to us so that we had a small camera (with video!) to take with us everywhere. It already has come in handy. I videotaped Tek walking, but well I am not telling what stupid thing I did to prevent me from posting it on this blog… but I will try to post a video tomorrow.
What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much!

Amanda & Kris got me this book to help me get moving on my list. Amanda remembered how much I wanted the book we got Cody for his birthday, so she rewarded my self-control (I really almost didn’t give him the book I wanted it so badly!)

Liza & Kurtis got me a goat! 🙂 Through Oxfam: A hardy goat is the gift of sustainability, which means fertilizer and food for families—especially those living in areas that cannot support less durable critters.
Liza… you know me so well!

Cody & Nicki got me this pair of red TOMS. (They picked the exact pair I have been wanting!) Red is my favorite color. And the ironic thing is that Liza got Tek a pair for his birthday (she just gave them to me this weekend)… just in time for Christmas pictures! (And Cody, because I love the shoes so much I will unshun you for the time being… even if you think Bono is unoriginal. Very disturbing.)

Thank you also to Penny for the gift card. Brad, D, & Wyatt for the Starbucks coffee and drinks! 😉 Linda & Craig for the adorable pajamas. Tom & Terry for the shoes (that’s what I bought with the birthday money.) Mom & John for the dress. (I will post pictures of it later.) Jason & Renee got me earings. Danette for the itunes gift card. Man! I was spoiled this year!

Andy got me tickets to see Moving Out! and we will be using the Ruth Chris gift card the men in my work life (all the guys I assist at the office) got me. Andy is very excited about that, he’s been very jealous that I have eaten there and he has not. We will be doing that this Sunday.

Thank you to everyone for my wonderful gifts. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness.

And now a few pictures of Tek…

His new bear crawl.

Trying to escape.

Loving the camera!

P.S. Tania… I will call you tomorrow! Sorry I have been so busy and I don’t want to call a new mom late. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying being a mother of two, I can’t wait to see Elliot!

P.P.S. I use a lot of !! and I always notice later and go back and change them. As I change them I am always thinking about the Seinfield episode where Elaine is freaking out at her guy because he uses too many exclamation points. Great episode.

3 thoughts on “>Birthday Week Continued…

  1. >Hi Kate – I found your blog by clicking “next” from mine and I have been following it for a few months now. My name is Shannon – I’m a stay at home Mom to our wonderful son Alex (he’ll be 1 on the 15th of Dec) – here is our blog http://lovinlouie.blogspot.com/Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello from snowy Calgary, Alberta and so that you know I’m following your blog!Kind regards – Shannon

  2. >How did you know I’d check your blog tonight?!! So far things are going well with the boys. Talk to ya soon.Is there anything Tek needs or you would like for him? Any certain characters or cartoons he likes?

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