>The past week in pictures…


Tek & Mom at church.

The cutest boy ever! And he even leaves the hat on.

Reading Christmas books… just like cousin Jagger. 

Dougey and Me!

Tek putting his shoes in the dishwasher. I guess he thought they were dirty.
My office Holiday Party that was yesterday. I am exhausted! This party consumed my life for quite some time. But it was wonderful!

Some good looking boys. 

Andy doing his “Office” impression.

Tek loves my kisses.

Tek’s first visit with Santa

One cool dude.

Tek & Wyatt chilling with Santa

The after party crew. We do some mean karaoke. 

2 thoughts on “>The past week in pictures…

  1. >Love a man with a great hat!!Theme music: ZZ Top:" Everybody loves a well dressed man"Seriously, it is a great hat & he wears it well. How is it you guys adopted the most adorable child on the entire continent?PstrGrnPa

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