>Our Savannah Christmas


I don’t have much time, I still have to pack for my ski trip, but I thought I would post some pictures to hold you over.
Christmas Eve… 75 degrees

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Day SHOULD NOT be near 80 degrees. It did not feel like Christmas at all, except that “The Christmas Story” was on TBS all day long. Did you know that they show that movie all day on Christmas? đŸ™‚ (Sorry Cody… couldn’t resist.)

I will update on Monday or Tuesday. Also, Tek’s courtdate to finalize the adoption is on Tuesday, December (November– right? inside joke) 30th at 9am. He is nearly a U.S. citizen! Don’t worry we will take lots of pictures. I am a little disappointed that none of our family will be here for that event, but The Tharpes & The Taylors (our Savannah family) are missing work to be there for us. Thanks guys!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

1 thought on “>Our Savannah Christmas

  1. >KateNo idea we were supposed to be there . We’re off that week and could have made it. What exactly will go on at the courts? Is this his citizenship ceremony?Ohio Blairs

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