>Twinkies, Chuckie’s, and New Years…


Cody FINALLY matched Andy. He has been trying for some time.

Tek had his first visit to Chuck E. Cheese w/ Poppy and Granna Blair.
He is still a little young for the games, but he enjoyed it…
But I think Poppy and Dad had the most fun. 🙂

Then we had New Years at our place. Look at Penny! 🙂
I didn’t do the full length shot because she was already irritated that I put her in a short dress, I didn’t want to push my luck with a picture on the internet for all the world to see. 🙂
And this song is for you Penny.

We are off to Ohio tomorrow for a visit. Can’t wait to see everyone.

2 thoughts on “>Twinkies, Chuckie’s, and New Years…

  1. >So… would it be weird or rude if I invite myself to the Blair’s on Monday? I really want to see you guys. If it wouldn’t be weird this is what I was thinking… Logan had a doctors appointment @ 11:30 so I would head that way after that and come there to hang out for a while. Hopefully Logan will take a nap on the way if he doesn’t I might only be able to stay for a little while then let him go take a nap. Then I could come back later or if you want me to do your hair( well I know you do) then either I can try to do it at the Blair’s or you could come over to the Stentz’s. Let me know if this sounds like it would work.

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