>Quick Update

>I apologize for the lack of posting lately, between our trip to Ohio (sorry to those we did not get to see… it was a really quick visit, only two days in each town) and the craziness of the holidays, the blog has been neglected. 

What we have been up to…
Church stuff, church stuff, and more church stuff. The marketing campaign has been launched. And even better news… people have been coming that have heard about us through the campaign. We have a billboard, ads in a local magazine, and ads on a local website. You can check out our website (and listen to Andy’s sermons) at http://www.tapestrysavannah.com. 
He is such a little boy now. He is running, climbing, and being a wild man. He gets into everything he isn’t supposed to… and more! But its such a fun age. Every day he surprises me with something new. This morning as he and I were driving to church I was singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to him and I turn around and he is making the hand motions for the spider climbing. Now, he won’t do it on command. And when daddy was in the car he would only do it until daddy turned around and then he would just smirk as if saying “I know you want me to do the motions… but I do what I want!” He loves to pick up our cellphones and hold them up to his ear. And he says something similar to “thank you” and “uh oh” but again, not on command. 🙂 He really is a sponge. 
Crazy time. I am barely keeping my head above water, but I love that. Andy always shakes his head at me because I can never sit still. However, I will sit still for a good movie, a good book, or a good tv show. 🙂 And my currents shows that get me every time are 24 (great season!), How I Met Your Mother (if you have never seen this you are really missing out), and The Office. I just finished a couple good books from Ethiopian authors. Work is going good. Wachovia is officially a “division of Wells Fargo.” Hasn’t changed much in my office except that now we all have little Wells Fargo stagecoach banks on our desks. 🙂 
Tonight Andy and I went to see “Ain’t Misbehavin'” at the theatre. It had Ruben Studdard (from American Idol) and Frenchie Davis. Ruben was pretty good but I mainly wanted to go to see Frenchie. She was on Idol too but got kicked off for internet pics. Really. 🙂 Anyway, we saw her perform in Rent in NYC and she was AMAZING! And she was just as amazing tonight. I loved it. It was a really nice Christmas present. 
A happy belated birthday to a few of my friends here in Savannah… sorry that I haven’t done any birthday blogs for you. I am very disappointed. Happy Birthday to Dannah, Isaac, & Danette. 
AND a really big happy belated birthday to Penny. Penny has been living with us the past three months. And she moves out this week. 😦 I keep giving her reasons why she can’t (mostly “who is going to help me with Tek?” or “who is going to do the dishes?” etc.) She is only moving a block and a half away and she promises to wash the dishes still. 🙂 Thank you for that. We went out dancing for her birthday on Friday and had a blast. Andy even stayed out late! Way to go old man! 
I am tired and have to get up early (on my day off) to do A LOT of things! 
Good night. 

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