>I’m no Kate!

>Hello from Savannah. Andy here. Kate is usually the one updating this blog, but time is not something she has any extra of right now. I know that she usually has a lot of pictures and clever captions under them, but as the title suggests, I’m no Kate.

For those who don’t know, she started school this semester and is making the transition back to studying after having left it years ago. As is typical of her, she is doing amazing. She spends tons of time studying and worrying that she isn’t going to cut it. Her first algebra quiz was last week, and after finishing before anyone else, was sure she didn’t do well. When she got it back, not only did she finish first, she got a hundred percent! She probably doesn’t want me writing this, but Tek and I are super proud of her and wanted to tell everyone.

I don’t know how often she will be able to get to the blog, so I guess I am going to have to learn how to add pictures.

1 thought on “>I’m no Kate!

  1. >Nice Beginning! You are to be commended as is Kate for her forays into higher education. Now…. where can we get you remedial classes on Picture posting??????PS: Snaps for being a supportive husbndPstrGrnPa

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