>Back by Popular Demand!


I’m sorry its been so long, but here are more pics of our little man!

Superbowl Sunday, representing like a true Browns fan… always optimistic. (Like the drool across the front? I think he is starting to cut a few more teeth.)
Browns shirt courtesy of Auntie Amy. πŸ™‚

Tek LOVES to read. He will bring this Dr. Seuss book back to you to read a least a dozen times a night.
If you try to put it aside, he will get it back and insist!

If you ever want to make our child smile, just sing itsy bitsy spider. He will laugh and start doing the motions instantly. It has cured many a bumped head. πŸ™‚

We have a gate covering the front of the fireplace. (I FINALLY have a fireplace and it has a child’s gate blocking it, so sad.) Anyway, Tek has taken to throwing his toys, shoes, and anything else he can find over the gate.

Mommy and Tek love to play “superman.”
Look at that smile!
When I put him down he will just stand there looking at me as if saying, “Mom, I am not finished yet!”

I have to study for a test now. I will try to update everyone on our life this week. At least you now have some pictures to hold you over.

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