>The Answers to My Prayers…




(every time Kanye comes on VHI, Tek will stop what he is doing and get close to the tv and dance. — please ignore the fact that our tv is on a laundry basket… so embarrassing, you would think we grew up in Wrightsville.)

His future wife is one lucky lady!

We spent a little while at the park today….

I think I am just going to stop with Tek. No more kids… what are the chances of getting a kid this amazing again?? Not only is he well behaved and charming, but seriously he is the cutest kid in the entire world!

2 thoughts on “>The Answers to My Prayers…

  1. >WHAT!?!?!?!?! Nor more Kids!?!?!?!?!!?Kate!! NO!!!!! You are our best hope for a female grandchild….you promised…remember?He is adorable and and and….sighPstrGrnPa

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