>St. Patrick’s Day Pictures

>Here are some pictures from St. Patrick’s Day. Tek loved the parade. Things have been incredibly crazy in the Blair family. But I am working on getting that under control. So, hopefully you will hear more from me again.
For now, here are a few new things Tek is doing…
1. He is saying: kitty cat, no, Cody, dog, Teketel, daddy, (mama occasionally)
2. He is starting to whisper.
3. He still LOVES to dance. And it’s still Kayne West that gets him moving.
4. He is getting his 5th tooth, finally!
5. Running like crazy.
6. Climbing everything… especially the dining room table.
7. His daycare teachers and I are trying to figure this one out, but he gallops EVERYWHERE! If he is really excited about something he just gallops. So strange.
8. He and Riley are acting like brothers. Riley always tries to steal his vanilla wafers and Tek gets so mad, “NA!” (no in Tek language) while he swats at him. And if Riley gets it, oh no… Tek will SCREAM at the top of his lungs until Mom puts Riley out of the room and gives Tek another cookie.

That’s all for now… lots of laundry to do.

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