>Starting to feel like a Southerner…

>Besides making my first fried chicken dinner (I made it for a Ohio visitors, as if my first fried chicken would be for anyone born in the South) I have had other recent experiences that prove I am on my way to becoming a Southern gal.

One of those experiences happened this morning. I met Uga. šŸ™‚ For those of you in Ohio that have no idea who Uga is, let me fill you in. He is University of Georgia’s mascot. A Savannah family has always owned Uga. I work with Charles, the only son of the owners. He takes Uga to every game. Charles brought Uga into work today and I had my camera!

He is so ugly he is cute! Don’t you think?
This Uga became the mascot after the last Uga past away recently. He is so calm and he loved having all of us women fawn over him this morning.
He is a little more lovable than a poisonous nut, don’t you think? Sorry OSU!

The office closed at three today, so Tek and I went to the beach with my friend Danette and her two kids. I love taking pictures of them, they are so photogenic.

This is the second experience that made me realize I am on my way to being a Southerner. I don’t think I could ever give up the ability to go to the beach in April. It was beautiful out there. I was chilly (see I am a Southerner) but there were clearly many tourists from Ohio, since the ocean was full of swimmers! šŸ™‚

Tek found the water pretty quickly.

His pants and jacket were soaked within two minutes of entering the water. So I stripped him down to tshirt and diaper. I swore I would never be the mom with her kid running around in his diaper. FYI: Those of you without kids…. throw ALL of those rules out the window. You will compromise very quickly. šŸ™‚

He loves to climb and is completely unaware of his limitations. I hope that never changes.

That is all for now. We have a VERY busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow we are going to a friend’s church for an egg hunt and then on Sunday we have 15 people at our house for the 3rd Annual Blair Family Easter Party. Easter is my FAVORITE holiday and I am very excited about sharing it with my friends. Though it is never quite as good as a Vidmar Family Easter. Missing Easter with the Vidmars is probably the hardest part about living so far away. I was very depressed my first Easter away. But I am working on creating our own traditions, and of course we do have egg rolling… after all, what is Easter without egg rolling? I miss you Vidmar Family, most at Easter time! šŸ™‚

More pictures to come after the holiday.

1 thought on “>Starting to feel like a Southerner…

  1. >Katie- We miss you too at Vidmars Easter get-together.Adam won the egg-rolling contest and beat even his uncles. It wasnt the same without you and Andy and now with Tek. I am sure you will show all your friends how much fun the eggrolling is. We were thinking of using dollar bills instead of pennies next year. Ha…ha.. Love, mom and Grama cheryl

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