>Tek’s Second Easter Egg Hunt

>Tek’s first Easter Egg hunt was at daycare this past week. His second was today in Pooler. A friend of mine’s church had a field FILLED with eggs. Tek loved it! He knew what he was doing.

After he figured out how to open them, he was pretty much done looking for them.

Here I am telling him what he can and cannot eat. Pretty much he couldn’t eat any of it. But Mama could! 🙂

The event was a lot of fun. Thank you Ms.Emily for inviting us! Oh, I forgot to mention, Tek had his first run in with fire ants. They were ALL over him, and then all over mom. I couldn’t tell if he got bit or if he was just afraid from Emily and my reactions. I definitely got bit. I HATE those stupid fire ants, almost as much as I hate sand gnats.

1 thought on “>Tek’s Second Easter Egg Hunt

  1. >very cute! Your hair is getting really long, it looks really cute in these pictures. It would have been nice to wear shorts on Easter but it is Ohio and Easter happen to be one of those deceiving days where its really sunny and it looks really warm but it was pretty chili. We still went to the park though. Logan wasnt afraid of the Easter Bunny this year instead he was trying to share with him. Look at our pic. @ http://stentzs.com

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