>I interrupt my catch up posts…

>So Amy is staying with us this summer before she starts grad school. She is working at a restaurant and helping out with Tek. Which has been great, but not nearly as great as the laughs we get from the many Amy mishaps. (They were even better when Caitlyn was here. Double the Amy!) Anyway, I must share my Famous Amos story.

She was upset with me tonight because I said I was going to make Rice Krispy Treats yesterday, but didn’t. Then I promised I would today… but didn’t. She was whining about it and I said “I need to catch up my blog, you go make them.” (You all think that is a good enough reason, right?) Anyway, she says “But I don’t know how…” You who know her well read that with her whining voice, didn’t you? I explained the recipe is simple and on the package. Well she attempted and within five minutes I hear her yell “I knew these weren’t easy to make!” Andy walks into the kitchen and sees her covered in rice krispy treat mix. “It is just so sticky!” she says. (Quiet Tharpes!) Followed by, “I am good at baking, these are just too hard.” Well, I don’t know how they turned out yet, Andy asked if they were supposed to be bumpy, he remembered them being smooth. 🙂

Classic Amy!
Oh, one more thing… Andy, Amy, Tek, and I saw Miley Cyrus at the mall yesterday. (We nearly ran into her.) She is in town filming. So everyone under the age of 15, eat your heart out. 🙂

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