>My Ten Favorite Things about My Boys

>1. Tek’s conversations- he talks in complete sentences now…. just no one can understand him. But he is committed. He talked to me for ten straight minutes the other night and I couldn’t tell you a thing he said.

2. Andy’s kisses- after 7 years of being with this man and his kisses still make me melt.

3. Riley’s fear of thunderstorms- it is that time of year and he spends most of it in our laps, all 90 lbs of him.

4. Tek’s love of helicopters- he stops dead in his tracks when he hears them. He jumps up and down pointing and laughing. He loves them. Since we live so close to a military base we see them all of the time. When we swim at the YMCA he sees at least four an hour.

5. Andy’s patience- Okay, I admit it… I am an incredibly exhausting woman. I never stop and I always have something new to try. I always have the next big plan for my life and my dear husband always just grins and bears it. (Though I was very sick a couple weekends ago and I think he enjoyed it immensly… no I KNOW he enjoyed it. He said it was the first time this year I sat still and I wasn’t making him keep up.) Each day I come home and exhaust him with my rants…from drama in the office to human trafficking to my daily over analyzing of human behavior. He listens and laughs and often surprises me with his wisdom. He runs to keep up with my over scheduling and he allows me to break down when I need to without giving me reason to beat myself up further. (And I give him plenty of things to add.) I tell him all the time that I was an easy catch, but he is going to spend the rest of his life chasing me. I’m so glad he keeps chasing me.

6. Tek’s hugs and kisses- He has officially entered the 2 year old stage (a little early I might add.) “NO!” and destruction of everything are the norm in my home. However, with this “terrible twos” stage has come the sweetest boy that gives kisses like they are candy and cuddles every evening. It must be God’s way of stopping us from locking him in the closet. 🙂

7. Andy’s character- My husband is not perfect (wait… you’ve heard me say that before?) but he is real. I love that about him. There is nothing fake about him. Sometimes this doesn’t work to his advantage (he is not good at pretending he likes gifts, ideas, people, etc. if he does not) but most times it does. His sincerity makes people trust him. It is what makes him an amazing pastor. And my favorite part of who he is that he is self-aware. He sees his flaws and if he doesn’t, he is willing to have them pointed out. (I’m good at that, are you surprised?) And he works on who he is and truly wants to be a better person. Now if he would just hang up my ironing board! I know, I know, I can’t have it all.

8. Riley’s faithfulness- Everyone knows that the best thing about a dog is how happy he is every time you come home. When I walk in the door, exhausted from work, Andy is usually rushing around to head out the door, Tek is often indifferent to me walking in the door (come on Mom… there is dog food to get into!) but Riley… he is always at the door with something in his mouth (a shoe, a toy, a stuffed animal) to greet me. I love that.

9. Tek’s eyes- They are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are perfectly shaped, very dark, and very expressive. They show everything he feels. A woman is going to fall in love with those eyes one day, but until then… they are all mine!

10. Andy’s love for Tek- I don’t know how I picked a man that was born to be a father, but I did. Man, did I get lucky! I really did, especially since when we started dating he said he didn’t want children, but might compromise and have one child. I guess I saw it in his father, who is one of the most fatherly men I know. I don’t know what other word to describe him, his pride and joy are his children (and any other “children” he can take in… exchange students, MC students, etc.) and Andy is definitely like his father. I see his dad in him everyday. (And I am okay with that, his father is a man I very much respect and admire. And that’s not the daughter in law sucking up, because you know that is not my style. For someone that says as much as I say, I definitely don’t say those important things enough and I definitely don’t say them just to say them.) Andy, I will never forget the day Andy took Tek in his arms… he was hooked. He still looks at Tek just like he did the first day he met him and he still says on a weekly basis “I can’t believe he is ours.” His greatest joy in life is his child and I love that about him.

I don’t reflect on these things enough and I most certainly don’t say them enough. Like I said before, I use a lot of words. But I am beginning to learn I don’t use the right ones enough to tell those I love the most important things. I’m going to change that about myself. So stay tuned… this blog may get mushy. 🙂

And I promise to be back with pictures soon, unfortunately I start school on Monday, so time will be limited once again. Oh how I have failed this blog. If only this site wasn’t blocked at work so I can update it while they pay me. 🙂 JUST KIDDING! (In case my bosses stumble upon this blog.)

Good night.

2 thoughts on “>My Ten Favorite Things about My Boys

  1. >This is amazing. I cried… which isn't totally unheard of for me.KJ, one day, a young woman will steal Mr.Tek away from you. When that happens, you will hope and pray that she loves him as much as you do.The words you have written about my son feed my heart and soul.I have never been more proud of you Ok, you bothOk, you three (tek included) Ok, you four (can't leave Riley out)Much lovePstrGrnPa…. no wait…. Katie's Dad (in law)

  2. >glad to see things are going well. I miss you guys very much. When you said about you continually over analyzing the human behavior it made me miss you even more! Hope all is Great and you've had a wonderful summer.

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