>Okay… what you REALLY want…



When Dad and Cindy were in town they remodeled our back patio. Its gorgeous! And all the plants are still alive!! (That is a miracle for us!)
Everyone pitched in (except for me, I was at work and came home to the wonderful surprise.)

Even Tek! (such a ham for the camera.)

A week or so later I was out watering the flowers and Tek decided Riley had the right idea about getting some water.
That was great until Mommy had another idea…
But Tek was a good sport and laughed it off.

And now, may I introduce Mr. Kayne West Junior…
Not only is my son the master cleaner and gardener, he is also soon to be a master carpenter. Daddy and Grandpa Snyder are sooooo proud!

Last Sunday, Andy had his first baptism, Douglas. I just want to say that I was baptized in Lake Erie in March, not the Atlantic Ocean in August. Something seems very unfair about this.
The Grimms with Pastor Andy. It was a great baptism. Afterwards we all hung out at the beach all afternoon. It was a very fitting baptism, the Grimms are the biggest beach bums I know! 🙂

The African Children’s Choir came to Savannah a few weeks ago. Tek LOVED it. He clapped and dance through their entire performance. The African Children’s Choir is a great organization and one that we support wholeheartedly. I encourage you to research it.
And lastly, today we started a new campaign at the church. “I am Tapestry.” Here we are in our matching shirts, aren’t we cute?
That is all for now!

5 thoughts on “>Okay… what you REALLY want…

  1. >Thanks for the pix… I miss all of you but most of all Tek… I guess it will be alright… I never saw my grandparents but one time a year and I still loved them dearly… hope Tek does! This schooling is only 1 1/2 more years and then I think I'll be more free. Give Tek kisses for me.Granna

  2. >Wow, I think you adopted the most beautiful child in Africa… besides… any pix looks better with Riley in it.I think you should get them both an agent.Then buy PstrGrnPa a carriage house in Savannah.PstrGrnPa

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