>Tek’s First Haircut

>We finally took Tek to get his first haircut. We figured with my work/school schedule, it was either now or never. I wish we would have chosen never. 😦 I’m not a fan. I want his fro back, Andy keeps telling me it will grow back in no time, but its not back yet!

The Before:

He is a little nervous.
Now he is just mad.
He cried through 75% of the cut.
He is a little boy!

The Afters:

He is still adorable, but I love the fro! I will take much better care of his hair this time as it grows out so we can keep the fro. My baby is officially a little boy. It is a very sad day for me.

Unfortunately this traumatic event has taken a little focus off a special day in the Blair family… Andy’s 34th Birthday! Happy birthday old man! (I will forever feel young next to you. 🙂 Thank you for that!)

And…. Go Buckeyes!

5 thoughts on “>Tek’s First Haircut

  1. >This is just too adorable. The pictures in the barber's chair are much much more entertaining to me than they were to Tek.A little perspective here though…Forget the haircut Forget the birthday…Ohio State is ahead 20 to 7 at halftime!!!PstrGrnPa

  2. >The haircut looks great!I wanted to say hi — I'm the mom of Tek's crib mate, who we now call Sefi. It sounds like your first encounter with our son was a doozy!

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