>I stole a camera… and I took these!


Uncle Kris and Auntie Amanda came over to work on wedding invites and they brought their camera. So I took some pictures to share. (We didn’t make it to the beach today, maybe next week with Grandma Cheryl.)
Daddy and Tek played in the pool today.


Tek in his float in the pool. He loves it!

After we dried off we hung out with Riley for a while.
Then Daddy and Tek played a game Poppy taught them.

Tek is learning how to feed himself. He gets SOME of it in his mouth.

Tek loves to hold his own sippy cup now. He just started doing this yesterday. 
He is such a big boy!

Uncle Kris wanted to play a bit, but Daisy got a little jealous. 
She doesn’t like sharing her daddy’s attention.

Then after Tek went to bed Riley took over. He loves his Uncle Kris.

And that was our evening. Today Grandma Cheryl gets here and
I go back to work part-time. On Friday, Mr. Tek turns 8 months old! 
The entire city decided to celebrate it with fireworks!

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