>Tek’s First Birthday Party


It was a beautiful day today in Savannah, sunny & in the 70’s. A perfect day for my perfect boy. We were so fortunate.
Does he look one?
He needed a little help blowing out his candle.

He loved everyone cheering for him.

Tek has not had sugar before today, so naturally Mom was a little worried about his first taste. I fully intended to make him a sugarless cake… but the days got away from me. So he got real cake for his birthday.
At first he liked the messiness of the cake.

And he even started to figure out what he was supposed to do with it.

But thankfully, he was not that into the cake. He was mostly into the plate.
So the sugarless life will continue a bit longer! 🙂

Wyatt sporting the (RED) shirt… nice!

He got so many nice gifts.

Even though I told everyone to not get him gifts… he is only 1! He doesn’t know!

This is Betta. She was adopted from Ethiopia last year. She is absolutely beautiful and she has hair just like Tek… just lots more! May God help Ikeda! (her mom… that hair is not easy to handle!)

After we rested up a bit, we went the Seafood festival on River St. Tek went down his first jumbo slide. The worker even let him ride for free because it was his birthday!
He loved it!

Today was a great day. Better than I expected. Thank you to all our friends and family for coming out to Tek’s first birthday party. It meant so much to us. I can’t believe my little man is one.

Here is a picture of him from the second day we ever spent with him.
Man, has he grown!

Grandpa Jim gets here Monday and the Grandma’s leave on Wednesday, so it will be a full house for his actual birthday. I am going to have an Ethiopian dinner, mmm! 🙂

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