>I am officially "Ma Ma"!!!

Today I picked Tek up from daycare.  When Ms. Whitney said “look who’s here”, Tek turned around and his face lit up. Then he screamed (yes screamed!) “MaMa!!” and ran to me. Now many may say, well he is 13 months old… he should do this. But you see my son is very stubborn (he must get that from his dad.) We know that he has the ability to say “MaMa” but he refuses to say it. He will babble “DaDa” all day long. Even if you say “Say MaMa” he will respond by saying “DaDa.” Drives me crazy! But today he has proven that not only can he say “MaMa” he knows exactly who “MaMa” is! I am on cloud nine!

5 thoughts on “>I am officially "Ma Ma"!!!

  1. >Hi Kate, Found your blog on google. Don’t know much about blogging, so didn’t know the best way to contact you – couldn’t find an email address on your page. Congratulations! What a beautiful boy! We live in Richmond Hill and have been home with our 2 kiddos from ET since March, through WHFC. ( almost 3 and “5-ish”) Would love to get in touch, I love to meet other adoptive families, especially from ET – please email me if you would like to exchange contact info. Hope to hear from you! Alysia – alysia@mcmillangolf.com

  2. >Congratulations!! I totally understand. Levi was stubborn and won’t say mama or mommy it was only dada or daddy. Jerry would get him to chant daddy. About the beginning of December almost 18 months he starting to say mommy and says it all the time now. What a wonderful feeling.

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