>Its Official!


Today was Tek’s big day in court to finalize the adoption in the U.S.

On our way to the courthouse.
Giving a cheesy smile as we wait for our lawyer.
In the Judge’s chamber. It was very informal. So anti-climactic after every thing we did for this adoption. But then again, nothing could top the day we met Tek, so why try?
From the left: Our judge, lawyer, and his assistant.
Afterwards in the elevator.
Tek got a teddy bear from the judge. He picked it out… he picked the pink one. 🙂
Our group…
Thank you Brad for taking all of the pictures for us.
Thank you Cody for representing our Savannah Family.
Thank you Blair Grandparents for coming all this way for Tek’s big day.

I can’t believe its officially done! So much work. Well… almost done. The U.S. government still wants more of our money and a little more paperwork to get his official proof of citizenship. But that is nothing compared to all that we have done. What a relief this is! So I know the next question everyone wants to ask… When is Tek getting a brother or sister? Let me just tell all of you now so that you can stop asking…. don’t ask again for at least three years! I want to enjoy this time with Tek and take a break from all the paperwork.

Congratulations Teketel Andrew Blair!
You are officially a Blair…
You are officially an American…
And I am officially the proudest mother ever.

3 thoughts on “>Its Official!

  1. >Congrats to you and most of all to Tek!!! That is very exciting! I’m very happy for you! I think that is one of the most adorable pictures… Tek holding the american flag… priceless! On another note… I will try not to take offense that you haven’t called me back yet since you have lots of new friends and have been busy with Tek and the holidays but I better hear from you soon!!!!!

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